Monday, March 23, 2015


Mathematics Made Simple!

Not always the most interesting topic in the bunch but our student, Avery was gifted in this area so when a friend and former teacher came over with some work books for highschool to college level math, we thought we'd give it a try.

We went with 'Math Made Simple' which gives an overview of many different areas of the subject.  The first 6 chapters seemed a breeze.  Chapter 7 not so much, so we decided to skip and return to it later.  Chapter 8 and 9 have taken some time as well and since the student has now surpassed the teacher in this subject we came up with a specific day to attend free math tutoring at the community center, Math Mondays.

After all, Avery's already there for computer class and the math tutors show up about an hour or so after class ends which gives time for socializing before class begins.  He was shy to approach tutors but did it anyway, so I surprised him with a 'Certificate' to buy a new book or comparable prize for taking initiative.  Math is still not our favorite subject but he's learning and at some point it may spark an interest we hadn't thought of.

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